Suspect in Capitol bomb threat echoed 'Big Lie,' demanded free health insurance (Jordan Fischer/


‘This Is Actually Happening’   —  President Joe Biden and his inner circle were in an ebullient mood.  —  It was Wednesday morning, Aug. 11, and they were basking in the glow of back-to-back legislative wins.  The day before, the Senate had passed a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.


David Ignatius / Washington Post:

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Relative of DW journalist killed by the Taliban   —  Journalists and their families are in grave danger in Afghanistan.  The Taliban have no compunction about carrying out targeted killings as the case of a DW journalist shows.  —  Taliban fighters hunting a DW journalist have shot dead …

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Vivian Salama / Wall Street Journal:

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Paul Krugman / New York Times:

The Quiet Rage of the Responsible   —  Let's talk for a minute about Lollapalooza.  After canceling in-person events last year, a few weeks ago Chicago once again hosted the long-running music festival, drawing more than 385,000 people.  Many feared that the huge, raucous crowds could produce a coronavirus superspreader event.


Anne Applebaum / The Atlantic:

Liberal Democracy Is Worth a Fight   —  Of all the empty, pointless statements that are periodically repeated by Western politicians, none is more empty and pointless than this one: “There can be no military solution to this conflict.”  That was what Ban Ki-moon, then the UN secretary-general …

Jim Swift / The Bulwark:

Josh Mandel Lets the Mask Slip, a Little   —  He doesn't believe what he's saying, at least not all of it.  And that's sad.  —  When I watched this interview with Josh Mandel by Josh Rultenberg, a local reporter for Spectrum News 1 in Ohio, it made me a little sad.  Here's the clip: